Taystee’s Burgers

UTR-Webmaster Episode 801

(313) 724-6535
10419 Ford Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126

When was the last time you had a great hamburger … and then got gas? Here in Dearborn, this bona-fide, award winning burger joint is tucked away inside of an actual BP gas station on Ford Road.

Taystee’s is an adventure lovers burger joint with more robust, creative beef sandwiches that you can shake a bull at.

Good food in a gas station … now way !! Well, guess what … “way” … because Ali Jawad and good friend Mohamad Nassereddine got a firm handle on a way to make it happen.

At Taystee’s the food is in word extravagant. The place is clean … the ingredients are fresh … and it’s all prepared by a family that really cares about their community. And I mean family … Ali’s mom Lila even lens a hand … actually a couple!

So if you love a flavor of a tasty burger … go to the BP gas station on Ford Road just west of Wyoming for a fill-up of a different kind. And at UTR … it’s the kind we like! mmmmm burgers!