Tashmoo Biergarten

UTR-Webmaster Episode 313

1416 Van Dyke, Detroit, MI 48226

Have you ever been walking down the street and a beer garden just spontaneously popped up? Well, it happened to us, and we loved it.

There’s a lot of things you could call this spontaneous celebration, but in Detroit’s West Village they call it Tashmoo. It’s a pop-up beer garden that happens a few times every fall and features the best of Michigan brews and great locally made foods. It’s a family-friendly celebration that’s all about the rebirth of this great Detroit neighborhood.

Suzanne Vier and Aaron Wagner combined their talents and love of Detroit to bring a real sense of community back to this part of the city. They find a vacant lot, the word goes out and people from all walks walk into a party atmosphere of caring and sharing. You’ll see families playing games, urbanites exchanging ideas and a community coming together to make change.

When you mix motivated and compassionate people with a great idea, and you can have fun and make positive change all at the same time, you’re doing something right in this book.

What an awesome way for people to get together and eat, drink… and think. So next time you’re in Detroit’s West Village and a spontaneous beer garden pops up (aka Tashmoo), pop in. I guarantee you’ll leave full, happy, inspired and with a great new sense of what’s “really” happening in Detroit.

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