Tall Ship Manitou

UTR-Webmaster Episode 203, Episode 402

(231) 941-2000
13390 SW Bay Shore Dr., Traverse City, MI 49684

All my life I’ve wondered what it would be like to sail on one of those giant sailing schooners from the 1800s. Little did I know that in Traverse City, they have the Tall Ship Manitou. It’s a 114-foot, double-masted ship that offers sailing adventures from two hours up to four days. They even conduct educational school programs onboard. Finally, a chance for me to get my sea legs and actually learn something.

Our captain, Dave McGinnis, knew these waters, knew his ship and probably knew right away that I knew absolutely nothing about sailing. In one word, Dave was great. He taught us a ton and even let me help out a bit. Imagine yours truly hoisting the main and trimming the jib. At least that’s what I think I did.

I’d never been on a ship this size before, so I was also surprised to see that the galley was bigger than my kitchen at home. Nicer, too. I couldn’t help but think how cool a four-day bed and breakfast sail on this ship would be. They also do shorter sunset cruises with gourmet edibles on board. Nice!

We had a great afternoon sailing Grand Traverse Bay aboard the Tall Ship Manitou, and it was another one of those experiences that reminded me how lucky we Michigan folk are. If you’re looking for another outstanding adventure, whether it’s just you, you and the wife or the whole family, set sail on the Manitou. And now that I’m an old salt, you can even tell ’em Tom sent ya. I promise they won’t make you walk the plank!

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