Sweet Sandy B’s Bake Shop

UTR-Webmaster Episode 320

Permanently Closed

It’s always sad when we find out that a business we featured on the show has closed. It’s like we lost a friend. Please remember that while UTR episodes are timeless, the people, places and things are not. Some of the many places we feature on this website may have changed, moved or simply ceased to be. We can’t stress enough that you always need to check ahead and contact any of these places before setting out to visit them. It could save you a long drive there, and a very frustrating and disappointing drive home.

(989) 598-0603
801 Columbus Ave., Bay City, MI 48708

If you like sweets, Bay City is the town to head for and Sweet Sandy B’s is the new place to get ’em. This gourmet throwback bakery is turning heads, creating smiles and making a big difference in this neighborhood. Sweet Sandy B is actually Sandy Bierlein, and she’s making her dream come true, one cupcake at a time. She’s created a retro-style neighborhood bakery that offers classic favorites that are baked fresh daily with an emphasis on quality, local ingredients.

Her home-style desserts are made in small batches by hand using seasonal ingredients and a whole lot of love. And when you combine Sandy’s awesome personality with her great creations, you get a sweet treat that can’t be beat.

A lot of young people across Michigan are reconnecting with their cities, starting creative new businesses and driving Michigan’s economy and future forward, and Sweet Sandy B is one of those people. It’s just that her story is a little bit sweeter than most. Get it?

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