St Laurent Brothers Candy Shop

UTR-Webmaster Episode 705

(800) 289-7688
1101 N Water St, Bay City, MI 48708

Handmade Chocolates … Fresh Roasted Nuts … Candy, Caramel Corn and Ice Cream !!! Well, now that I’ve got your attention … let’s talk about some Bay City history … and just how sweet it is !

For generations folks have counted on the St. Laurent Brothers Candy Store to satisfy every sweet tooth in town. Heck, they’ve been a candy-covered icon here for over 100 years … and when Steve Frye and Keith Whitney bought the place in the 80’s they decided to carry on the tradition. And as Steve’ll tell ya … their sweet success is something he lives for …

Well enough conversing bout candy … it was time to get my hands dirty (so to speak) … so, Steve took us way back in time … and up in the old original elevator to where his number one candy creator works. Yep this is where Dana Sporman makes her magic … and some pretty good chocolates too. Today’s mission … hand dipped chocolate peanut clusters …

Mine may not have looked as good as Dana’s … but, I guarantee, they tasted as good. And for that matter … so did my fingers. If you’re looking for a good confection connection in Bay City … St Laurent Brothers has everything you, your kids and probably your grand kids will ever need. Cuz as we all know candy – is timeless.

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