UTR-Webmaster Episode 322

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Now, time for a totally different kind of wild life. Time for a little Speedcult in New Boston. And what exactly is Speedcult? Speedcult is Len Puch and his wonderfully insane crew of creative metal fabricators. These guys can take any piece of metal and turn it into a great way to soup up your ride, your business or even your home. If you want to make a statement in metal, these are the metal heads to do it for you. Check out their website and get a load of their way cool collection of incredibly creative metal-cut creations.

Speedcult is also an “invitation only” collection of medieval carnie rides, handmade by Len and his merry men of madness. Len calls it his “Abusement Park,” and it’s a place where he lets his personal friends and clients let loose, have fun and enjoy insanely creative, carnie-like contraptions. From a flame-fired roaster roller coaster and a hydraulic-powered dragster (which by the way launches you straight into an apple orchard) to the insane cage of fire and a wild head-trip tunnel, Len’s creativity knows no bounds. You need to know Len to get a ticket, and knowing Len is your ticket to ride and to some of the most creative metal messages you’ll find anywhere.

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