South Street Skateshop

UTR-Webmaster Episode 109

(248) 651-0555
410 S. Main St., Rochester, MI 48307

If you’ve got kids around the house uttering phrases like, “I’m goofy footed” or “Watch this switch front feeble grind,” you might want to know about this place, because it’s totally rad, dude. I’m not sure what any of that means, but I know it’s all good!

South Street Skateshop is a Mecca for skateboarders all across the Midwest. It’s a world-class store that has everything a skateboarder needs to do their gnarly thing. They even have an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff of young experts who understand this strange new language and will help you look and board your best. I say “look” because not only does South Street have all things skateboarding, they also have an incredible selection of hip, cool and unconventional street wear that will help you make a definite statement.

In 1995, Linda and Von Gallaher (two of the nicest people you will ever meet, ever) opened their doors to a community that absolutely loved what they were doing. South Street really embodies the skateboarder’s free spirit and artistic edge. It’s also an incredibly colorful and wonderfully organized place. Even if you don’t skateboard, I recommend checking out their clothing.

So, like, dudes. Get over to South Street and get your goofy foot in the door. You’ll be a better boarder for it!

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