Snodift Rally

UTR-Webmaster Episode 808


Well now we’re in Atlanta for one of the most grueling road rallies ever to test your tread. Don’t worry … we’re not leaving Michigan.

And that’s because this is SnoDrift … a full-on battle that takes place every winter on the back roads of Atlanta, Michigan. If you wanna compete you get one driver, one navigator, one car and all the ice, snow and mud our great state has to offer.

This rally has a ton of stages that put drivers on everything from snow covered country roads … to ice filled gravel pits … and everything else winter can wind up and throw atcha.

It’s the first stop on the Rally America National Championship circuit …. it’s the only one that happens in these challenging conditions … and it’s just as insane to watch as it is to drive.

High speeds … icy roads … no studded tires … my kinda race !!!

Not only is Alex Berger one of the organizers … he’s also one of the competitors … and I caught up with him between stages for a quick SnoDrift download.

“Be honest … you have go be a little crazy to compete in this race don’t you?”

Alex … Absolutely !

“Crazy” … well that was our cue! So with a full tank and our GPS prepped … we set out to break the rally record.

This is an all hands on deck racing experience that brings this entire community together. And tons of dedicated volunteers make sure both the course and the crowds are safe and sound. And speaking of sound … they sure can make some …

So if crazy cars in controlled kayos in the dead of winter on snow and ice covered roads sounds like your kinda road rally, aim for Atlanta -because SnoDrift will not disappoint … well, that is unless you’re us.