Slow Roll Detroit

UTR-Webmaster Episode 501

Ya know … normally Detroit is the Motor City … but on Monday nights in the summer … if you lose two wheels, you’ll can gain a whole lotta new friends.

It’s called the slow roll, and thanks to Mike MacKool and Jason Hall at Detroit Bike City, over a thousand cyclists of all kinds meet, mount and slowly roll through the city. And, le-me-tell ya … you can hear’em coming … talking, laughing, ringing their little bike bells and making new friends mile after mile.

The night we went, the ride started at Detroit’s Campus Martius Park right in the center of the city. And once all the rollers were rallied … Mike, Jason and a sea of volunteers took us on an hour and a half slow roll that was as much fun as all the people in it. I made new friends … ran into old ones, and got a real sense of how Detroit’s becoming a community again. I saw every kind of person imaginable on the roll … even a couple like me.

So if you want to connect with Detroit and be cool all at the same time … do what I do on Monday nights in the summer …

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