Shuss Mountain at Shanty Creek

UTR-Webmaster Episode 808

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5780 Shanty Creek Rd, Bellaire, MI 49615

Our next snowy selection took us back south across the bridge to a place where strapping boards to your feet … is considered a wintertime treat.

Now to have fun skiing … you basically need only 4 things. Gravity, snow, hills and skis. Well here at Shanty Creek Resorts … they’ve got all four … and a whole lot more.

Actually … when it comes to any of Michigan’s 4 seasons, Shanty Creek has you more than covered with great golf … awesome food … and fantastic family fun things to do.

But if downhill is your bag baby … the runs here at Shanty Creeks & Schuss Mountain will give you well, a run for your money … and speaking of money … here’s a great way to save some.

Sardines … you either love’m or hate’m … but for one day a year here at Shanty Creek & Schuss Mountain, everybody wants to be one.

And that’s because it’s Sardine Day … where as many people as you can cram into your car get into ski for one low price. I know it sounds a little fishy, but you heard right … whether you pack’m or stach’m … no matter how many of your friends and family you stuff into your can of a car … everybody skis. Can you say low-rider … I think some of the cars contained small villages.

Well, once all the savory sardines were spoken for I snow plowed over to see Chris Hale and find out how this whole crazy thing got started.

After a great conversation with Chris, Jim, Eric & I had an incredible time concurring every part of the mountain. We skied a lot too. And the downhill was downright divine.

So, weather you’re a perpetual beginner like me … or you’re an accomplished schusser … strap on your skis … or grab your board and slide down the snowy slopes at Shanty Creek & Schuss Mountain.

There’s only one way to find out if you like it … and that’s to live it like me !!! (pause)… My skis are on backwards aren’t they? Darn it!