Shakespeare in Detroit

UTR-Webmaster Episode 704


Ya know … one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes is “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.” Wow … he musta seen this show.

Actually William Shakespeare lived way back in the 15 & 1600s … but even though he’s been gone for a long time now …. almost everything he wrote is completely relevant today. Shakespeare was a master when it came to understanding and expressing the human condition. He wrote all about life, love, struggle, conquest, victory, defeat and all the things in life that make us … well, human. And that’s why we can all totally relate to Shakespeare’s prolific prose right here in the now.

And speaking of the here and now … here in Michigan, his spirit and genius are kept alive by Shakespeare In Detroit … a troop of talented and dedicated performers who bring his timeless messages to the masses.

and the person who personifies the passion for these performances is Artistic Director and founder Samantha White …

and if you’re looking for inspiration to make this a must do for you … talk to the people who partake in these pleasing performances.

if connecting with a little culture in a big city sounds like a horizon you’d like to expand … sample a season of Shakespeare in Detroit. You’ll be shocked how much Shakespeare you didn’t know you already knew.

So with heavy heart we end this segment of UTR and leave you with yet another poignant and relevant Shakespeare quote …

(Tom in Shakespeare garb) (clears throat) … From King Henry the Fifth … “Men of few words … are the best men” … pause … Maybe I shouda picked a different quote.