Season 7, Show 2. UP Adventure

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It only took 7 seasons before I decided to start writing some of the happenings that occur when UTR is on the Road.

Let me take a moment to introduce me to you.  I’m Jim Edelman.  I along with Tom created Under the Radar Michigan.  If you bought our book, you might know our story, but then again, you might have skipped reading it.  Either way, here’s how it all started …


Like so many worthwhile endeavors, UTR was born out of necessity. In 2010, We both lost our livelihoods and had to literally reinvent ourselves to survive. Jim was head of national sales for a big radio conglomerate, and I was flying around the country producing automotive videos for the big three car companies in Detroit. When the auto industry took a serious slide, Tom lost most of my income and was slowly going broke. On President Obama’s inauguration day, the company Jim worked for laid off half their workforce nationally. Here we were, two longtime friends up the financial creek without a paddle. And, when I say long time, we met in 1982 when we were both getting our work feet wet at WRIF radio in Detroit.

About ten years ago Tom attempted to produce and host a kids TV show called “Bob’s Job.” The program was a career series that showed kids different jobs, and what it’s really like to be a grownup. He produced three episodes that were aired on Detroit Public Television, but the project eventually faded away due to lack of funding.  So we decided, what the heck, let’s go see if together we can resurrect the kids show with PBS. Five minutes into the meeting they informed us that they weren’t looking for more children’s programming and asked point blank what else we had to propose. Well, being huge fans of where we live and any and all travel shows AND NEEDING JOBS… So, after a few blank stares, dramatic pauses, and a couple swift kicks back and forth under the table, we “Seinfelded it.” We said, “how ‘bout a Michigan exploration program, where we  travel the state discovering and uncovering cool people, places and things that people don’t (but should) know about?”

Well, their eyes widened as they said, “make it, fund it, bring it back, we’ll broadcast it, and they will come.” Or, something like that. So, we went off, and while Tom was producing a pilot episode, Jim found the funding necessary to get us off the ground and running around the state. Eric Tremonti was a producer we absconded from a local video post-production house because we realized that his tremendous talents would be a great addition to the mix. Eric is a one man team of talented people who has taken our mission to the next level. He’s a great production mind and a good friend. The resources and different qualities we all brought to the party made for a perfect partnership. So, we got the party started, and it’s been an amazingly fun and rewarding adventure ever since.


So, that’s how the show started.  Flash forward 7 years to today.  Show 702 and we’re on another Upper Peninsula Adventure.

This show we’re in the Far Eastern UP, in DeTour Village, Hessel and Drummond Island.  We also took a spin around the Les Cheneaux Islands in a boat on this episode.

One of the great things about doing this show is that we are living the discovery of these great Michigan stops as we’re filming them.   In most cases, we haven’t been here before and all we know of it is what we’ve seen online or if there were some video snippets we found.

This show was fun to shoot.  And I do mean shoot as we took a turn at shooting skeet.  None of us had shot a shotgun before, so that was an experience…and we all had a blast (pun intended).  

We’re always amazed at the places we get to go and the things we get to do.  We love showing you our adventures and are very lucky that we get to explore the state.

We are always looking for suggestions and ideas on what to feature.  Send us your thoughts at




Drummond Island Resort –Drummond, MI
33494 S Maxton Rd, Drummond, MI 49726
(906) 493-1000

Island Charters –Hessel, MI
(906) 235-3825

Le Chenaux Culinary School –Hessel, MI
186 S Pickford Ave, Hessel, MI 49745
(906) 484-4800

Les Cheneaux Islands Antique Wooden Boat Show –Hessel, MI
(906) 484-2821