Scott Colburn Western Wear

UTR-Webmaster Episode 711

20411 Farmington Rd, Livonia, MI 48152

Do you have an inner cowboy in ya that’s just dying to ride off into the sunset? Well, if ya do … just head west to Livonia … unless you already live west of there … then just go there … guess I shoulda thought that on through.

Yep, believe it or not, I said Livonia, because that’s where you’ll find Scott Colburn Boots & Western Wear, Michigan’s wild west of western wearables. If it’s got anything to do with ridin, ropin or runnin cattle … it’s here. And it’s been here for years. From fancy western duds … to a full collection of working class cowboy, they’ll get you ready to ride. Heck … their selection of cowboy boots stretches a country mile.

I had a chance to ride shotgun with Sarah Colburn … because … well … her family founded the place.

Well, it was time for me to either giddy up … or shut up. So with a helpin hand from a lovely lady … aka Sarah’s mom Marge … I set out to rope my inner wrangler.

I’m telling ya, the folks here were so friendly and I found so much cool and interesting stuff that well, my inner cowboy came out … stayed out …. and sauntered right out the front door … hu-boy.
So, if you’re an Urban Cowboy like me. I recon you better git yur hide to Scott Colburns aforin I gots ta tan it fur ya. That’s cowboy for come to Scott Colburns … cuz they’ve got everything – but the horse.

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