UTR-Webmaster Episode 307, Episode 707

(269) 781-0600
115 S. Eagle St., Marshall, MI 49068

In the restaurant business, they say you’re only as good as your last meal. Well at Schuler’s, they’ve been saying it right here in Michigan for over one hundred years. And from what people told us, they haven’t been wrong yet.

When it comes to fine restaurants, Schuler’s is an institution here in Michigan. They also pride themselves in being a benchmark for quality, with an emphasis on local and fresh. Hans Schuler comes from a long line of people who understand what a meal out really means to most people.

In 1909 his grandfather started with a small sandwich shop, and over the years, Schuler’s has grown into one of the premier restaurants in the Midwest. Hans’ father Win (short for Winston) perfected the fine art of hospitality that Schuler’s lives by today. The food is fantastic, the surroundings are classic and comfortable and the 125 people who work there will bend over backwards to make sure you have an outstanding experience.

So if you’ve heard of Schuler’s and their incredible attention to quality, atmosphere and hospitality, you’re halfway there. To get the rest of the way there, you’ll probably need your car.

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