Sanders Candy

UTR-Webmaster Episode 709

23770 Hall Rd, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48036

Well, just to be gastronomically correct, we saved dessert for last. And when is comes to sweet treats, Michigan’s own Sanders is a homegrown sensation … or is it Saunders?

Sanders, Saunders … no matter how you grew up saying it, we all knew exactly what it meant, incredible cakes, candies and desert toppings. For over 140 years Sanders has been a Detroit and family tradition that’s made life here so much sweeter.

Today, thanks to Michigan’s own Morley Candy Company, Sanders is making a huge come back. New stores are opening up everywhere, and many of Sanders’ original family favorites are back on the shelves and back in out hearts.

To help me wrap my head around this collection of confections (and hopefully get my hands on some chocolate) is VP of Manufacturing Mike Koch.

For decades Sanders slogan has been “Chocolates Worth Sharing.” Well I got news for ya. Once I crack into a box, that’ll be a tough thing to do. Nope, sorry, no ya don’t … uh uh, maybe next time, no way!

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