Rose’s Fine Food

UTR-Webmaster Episode 609

(313) 309-7947
10551 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48214

You know … in this increasingly crazy world we live in … sometimes the best medicine for you mind, body and soul is real food. And we found a place that serves it up right here on East Jefferson.

Roses Fine Foods is a cool and casual finer diner that takes you back to a time when food was local, unaltered and unbelievably good. This is a place you go to enjoy a great meal and at the same time connect with other local enlightened food lovers. And the comfort food they serve here is a flavor blast from the past.

Molly Mitchell and Lucy DeParry are cooking cousins own and operate this inspired diner … and their passion for this place is another thing that will keep you coming back ….

And if you’re wondering how Rose’s diners are finding this fine food … let’s find out

If you wanna feel great again … dine at Rose’s Fine Food … cuz take it from me … you don’t need pills … all you need is “this” place … and a palate.

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