Rosa’s Squeeze Inn

UTR-Webmaster Episode 323

(989) 734-2991
16454 U.S. 23, Millersburg, MI 49759

In search of that hot meal, we found a restaurant that’s so nice, it’s two, two, two restaurants in one! Just eight miles farther north on U.S. 23 in the town of Millersburg, we found a restaurant that’s The Chuck Wagon by day and Rosa’s Squeeze Inn by night. The Chuck Wagon serves casual daytime vittles, while Rosa’s is a finer Italian diner for evening enjoyment. And since we were feeling festive and Italian, we picked dinner.

Gary, Joan and their son Jeff Yaklin are continuing Rosa’s tradition by bringing a little bit of Italy to the sunrise side. This is a great place to unwind, share some home-style Italian cooking and make some new friends. They filled us with good cheer, great food and became friends for life. And that, my UTR friends, is a big part of what life is all about. So, if you’re heading up U.S. 23 through Millersburg and the urge for Italian suddenly hits, hit the brakes at Rosa’s Squeeze Inn.

The next morning we headed northwest toward Mackinaw City in search of a place that would make us all feel like kids again. And you know us—we totally found it.