Rochester Mills Beer Company

UTR-Webmaster Episode 109

(248) 650-5080
400 Water St., Rochester, MI 48307

In every town, there are those business people who just have a knack for making good things happen. One of those people in Rochester is Mike Pleaz. He’s the owner of Rochester Mills Beer Company, and he’s an innovator who’s always looking to the future.

When Mike opened his doors in 1998, his brewery was one of the original six in the state. Now Rochester Mills is Michigan’s largest brew pub and features 450 seats, a hip martini lounge, a full stage for live entertainment and a menu full of incredible edibles. All the beer they brew is awesome, but my favorite is Rochester Red. It’s mmm, mmm, I’ll have another please!

A cool thing about Rochester Mills is that it’s located in the historic Western Knitting Mill building, and Mike went way out of his way to preserve its original character. He and his team refurbished the original hardwood floors, columns, beams and exposed brick walls. Great atmosphere for a brew.

Mike also believes in being green and sustainable and sourcing locally. Every year, he and his chefs go on a farm tour to find the cleanest and freshest local produce for his restaurant. If you’re looking for an enlightened place to throw back a few Michigan-made brews, Rochester Mills is good company to keep.

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