Retro Attics

UTR-Webmaster Episode 705

(989) 327-2213
1123 Saginaw St, Bay City, MI 48708

Now, there’s old furniture (like the stuff I have at my house) … and then … there’s this stuff … I noticed the difference right away.

That’s because this furniture is ultra retro and captivatingly cool. And there’s way more than just furniture here. At Retro Attics, Dena Pawlicki and Mike Bermudez are two hard working pickers who live for the hunt of a great find … and you’ll find all their finds to be well, fairly fantastic.

Mike and Dena truly are collectors extraordinaire … and everything in this place said Tom take me home … but some more than others …

If you want to have a cool and funky blast perusing stuff from the past … then don’t drive past Retro Attics … cuz who knows … you might just find that certain special something … I found tons of’m !

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