Ray’s Ice Cream

UTR-Webmaster Episode 411

(888) 549-5256
4233 Coolidge Hwy, Royal Oak, MI

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ray’s Ice Cream.

That’s right … next time you’re in Royal Oak and you hear me screaming … don’t be alarmed … I’m just enjoying some Ray’s Ice cream. Now, when it comes to ice cream parlors, Ray’s is authentic old school. Since 1958 they’ve been serving up homemade, handmade frozen fun that will melt all your cares away.

The man with the scoop in his hand is Tom Stevens. He’s the third of four generations who are keeping Ray’s ice cream dream alive.

The ice cream dreamer who’s been there since the very beginning is Toms Dad Dale Stevens.

And, when it comes to making Rays best … leave it to the fourth generation to keep things sweet and lively. Just ask Tommy Shimshock.

Well, enough talking about Rays Ice Cream … Time for this Tom to taste some

So, next time you’re in Royal Oak … go ahead and scream for some Rays Ice Cream. Or you can just walk in and ask … that works too!

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