Quincy Mine Tour

UTR-Webmaster Episode 601

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49750 US-41, Hancock, MI 49930

I was hankerin for some history,so we headed north over the Portage Lake Lift Bridge … through the historic town of Hancock … and up to the Quincy Mine for a trip down and into this area’s fascinating copper mining past.

Back in the day, this part of the Upper Peninsula was the copper mining capital of the world … It was known as “Copper Country” and we’re gonn find out why …

The Quincy Mine tour is one of the most fascinating things you’ll ever do in this part of Michigan. From the incredible towering shaft house …… built by the same company that made the Mackinac Bridge, to the worlds largest steam hoist still to this day … there’s as much history here above the ground, as there is below it. And to make sure we left no nugget unturned, we hooked up this Tom Wright.

After suiting up for our subterranean tour, we boarded the authentic Cog railway car … and let Tom’s incredible knowledge take us down and into the mine.

At the actual entrance of the mine, we all hopped off the cog railway and onto a steal wagon that transported us deep, deep into the earth. Now, bare with us … it gets pretty dark down here …

Tom painted such an interesting and detailed picture of this mines incredible history, that not once on the tour did you feel anything but fun and fascination. At the Quincy Mine tour they dig deep to make sure you have an absolute blast …

You know … I’m normally a little claustrophobic … but, I’ll be honest … the tour was so fascinating and it’s such a huge realm down there that it never even entered my mind. But I did find this copper nugget … Tommy gets a new pair of shoes.

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