Primi Piatti

UTR-Webmaster Episode 610

(248) 566-3353
550 N Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009

Well, back when we left La Dolce Vita … I could have sworn my inner Italian left with us … but I guess he hitched a ride up to this place … I’d be upset … but, remember … he’s a real gooda boy!

That’s right …. we’re back in Italy … only this time it’s on old Woodward Ave. in Birmingham at Primi Paitti Gourmet Italian Market. A place where you can take a little bit of Italy home with you whenever you want. Owner Monica Bizinya’no Zamler’s love for Italian art, culture and of course cuisine is instantly evident when you walk into this place. And you can taste the passion in everything she prepares …

Well, lucky for us …. we were there for one of Monica’s Tasting Tuesdays … and as the store filled with pleasant patrons who are passionate about pasta, we all shared … laughed … tasted great food … and I think I made enough gnocchi for all of Italy.

Even if you can’t find your inner Italian … come try the awesome edibles at Primi Paitti Gourmet Italian Market in Birmingham … Who knows … my inner Italian might still be there … and you can totally hang out with him … because remember … he’s a real gooda boy !!!