Preuss Pets

UTR-Webmaster Episode 612

(517) 339-1762
1127 N Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48906

If you’re looking for a zoological paradise where you can purchase some pretty cool pets … Preuss Pets in Lansing’s Old town is the perfect place to peruse.

Not only is it Michigan’s largest family owned pet store … Its probably on of the most awesome places you’ll ever go to find your next new best friend. Preuss Pets is literally a destination for all things animal. From fish … to fur … and even feathered friend, Preuss has almost any fauna you might want to find. And this place is so cool and colorful, just coming here to ponder the purchase of a pet can be an absolute blast.

Rick Preuss is the creative higher primate who made this store what it is today. and people don’t come here just to buy things … they come because … well … they’re Preuss People ….

If you want to turn your happy home into a wild kingdom … bring your inner animal to Preuss Pets in Lansing … whether it cheeps, chirps, barks or even burps … Rick and his awesome team of animal enthusiasts will help make it happen in a big … or even little way.

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