Preservation Dental

UTR-Webmaster Episode 322

(248) 348-1313
371 E. Main St., Northville, MI 48167

Usually when you head to the dentist, it’s not a particularly happy occasion. But this time, I was absolutely thrilled to be going. That’s because Dr. Bill Demray is so much more than a dentist in Northville. He’s a big personality with an even bigger heart who genuinely cares about this community. Not only does he cook breakfast for his staff every morning, he puts bling in the town holiday parade with his classic Volkswagen bug collection, raises tons of money for local charities and even makes baby pacifiers a thing of the past with his famous “Binky Tree.” When kids are ready, they say goodbye to their pacifiers by hanging them on the Binky Tree covered with hundreds of pacifiers right behind Dr. Demray’s office. It’s a sight to see and a great symbolic little ceremony to help kids move on to better tooth development.

My conversation with Dr. Demray made me realize that just living in a community isn’t enough… that you really need to give back to make a difference. He also made me realize that it was finally time to give up my secret binky. It was tough, but I did it. I’ll miss you, old friend.

If you’re looking for a dentist who’s helping put a smile on an entire community, stop by and say hi to Dr. Bill Demray. Even without a cavity, he’ll be glad to see you!

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