Porcupine State Park

UTR-Webmaster Episode 601, Episode 710

33303 Headquarters Rd., Ontonagon MI, 49953-9087

Now, we just passed over the Mackinac Bridge … which never gets old … and now we’re gonna turn left and head to a Michigan mountain rage that’s named after one of my favorite little land mammals … cuz not only are they cute … their pretty sharp too.

The Porcupine Mountains are located in the UP’s extreme northwestern wilderness … It’s a ways … but well worth the drive. This State Park is over 60,000 acres of ancient mountains, towering virgin timber, remote trails, wild rivers and secluded lakes.

And speaking of secluded lakes … there’s one place here at The Porkies I’ve always wanted to see … and the short hike to it is even suitable for a low plains, flat-lander like me. It’s called Lake of the Clouds … and to make sure we found our way to and from it, I hooked up with Park Naturalist Bob Wild.

On our way to what Bob called a “must see” in the park … we took some time to visit some of the parks finest accommodations …

Hmmmm … Must be the clean air …. Now when I say that the UP is our own “out west” … the next place Bob took us proved that to be absolutely 100% true.

Conversation at the waterfalls ….

The downriver hike Bob took us on was in a word spectacular. Around every bend was another view worth a long and lingering look. It’s unbelievable how much beautiful and extreme wilderness we have at this massive park.

You know … all my life I’ve wanted to come up here and see the Porcupine Mountains … and it took me getting a TV show to finally do it … don’t wait ‘til you get your own TV show … get up here and see these mountains soon … they’re so beautiful … you’ll think you’re in Michigan.

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