Pony Ride

UTR-Webmaster Episode 408

1401 Vermont St, Detroit, MI 48216

You know … I get to meet a lot of really interesting people doing this show … most more interesting than me … way more interesting … but the guy you’re about to meet … I’d classify him as Uber interesting !

His name is Phil Cooley, and after traveling the world as a male model, he came to Detroit, became an entrepreneur, a restaurateur, an urban developer, and now with his new venture “Ponyride” he’s helping turn Detroit’s Corktown into a place where young people and new business can spread their wings.

Phil Cooley literally walks the walk when it comes to revitalizing Detroit. He works here, eats here, sleeps here, and dreams big here everyday. He really is a shining example of the tons of young people who are helping to reinvent this great city, and take our entire state into an even brighter future.