Palazzo di Bocce

UTR-Webmaster Episode 608

(248) 371-9987
4291 Lapeer Road Lake Orion, MI 48359

If you’re Italian … you know an Italian … or you’ve always wanted to be Italian … here’s a place you’ll really dig.

Palazzo de Bocce is like a crash course in being an Italian aristocrat. From fine dining … and fantastic surroundings … to the fun and ancient sport of bocce ball … this place will turn you Italian in no time at all.

It all started when Anthony Battaglia retired … got bored … and then … weel, started building.

Well … since I already know how to “eat” Italian … I think it’s about time I give this bocce ball game a try. So, I grabbed a ball … and my new best bocce buddies Jason Wisniewski (Wi ness key)& Jose Botto (Ba toe)

So we bocced (well, sort of … they did … I at least tried) and had an absolute blast. Then we sat down to some awesome Italian and ate … drank … laughed … and if we could have stood up after we were done … we would have done it all over again. I’m tellin ya … Palazzo de Bocce will make you feel so Italian … you’ll leave with an extra vowel on the end of your name. So, let me make you an offer you can’t refuse … go to Palazzo de Bocce … have dinner … play some bocce ball … and if you don’t have a great time … what’s a madda you !!!!

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