Oswald’s Bear Ranch

UTR-Webmaster Episode 506

(906) 293-3147
13814 County Rd 407 (H-37), Newberry, MI 49868

Season Attraction Closed 10/1 – 6/1 Call for hours

When there’s no one left to care for a bear … where do they go? I’ll tell ya where … Oswald’s Bear Ranch … that’s where.

Just north of Newbery in the Eastern UP is Oswald’s Bear Ranch … and if it wasn’t for this place, the bears here, would have probably ceased to be. They call Dean Oswald “Bear Man” and for good reason. His love for these gentle giants has helped create a sanctuary for orphaned and abused bears that otherwise would have probably met their end.

This is also a place where man and beast come together to gain a mutual respect for each other. Young and old come to Oswald’s Bear Ranch to have an up close and personal experience with Michigan’s beautiful black bear. The entire Oswald family is part of the process here, working around the clock to keep these bears happy and health. As for Dean … Well, he’s probably one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.

Oswald’s Bear Ranch is a great place for the whole family to laugh and learn about these mighty and majestic animals. If you’re wondering who man’s best friend is, if you ask Dean, he’ll tell ya. Cause, he’s got about 30 of’em.

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