Original Moxie Hair Products

UTR-Webmaster Episode 703

(734) 340-4022
306 N River St C, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Ever have a bad hair day?? … I have a lot … hence the hat … well, here’s someone who had so many … she decided to liberate locks around the world.

Rachel Blistein used to hate her hair … and like a lot of people … for years she tried to make it what it wasn’t … then … a light went on … she started Original Moxie … and her hair raising ride began.

Rachel was convinced that my UTR hat was hiding my true potential … so she subtracted my chapeau … and set out to fix my follicles …

With Original Moxie, Rachel Blistein is helping women across the country be who they are by finally letting their hair have its way … and as for me …

Rachel helped me see who I was really meant to be … Not covered in hair.

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