Orchard Beach Aviation

UTR-Webmaster Episode 602

(231) 723-8095
2323 Airport Rd, Manistee, MI 49660

I know some folks who can get you so high on Manistee … you’ll see the whole place in about an hour. Like Dude!

Orchard Beach Aviation is just north of town … and just about the perfect way to see how beautiful this part of Michigan truly is. They offer fun and affordable scenic air tours of the area that will have you looking down … and feeling up about where you chose to be.

Our experienced pilot and captain for the day was Gayle Sonefeld … she loves what she does … where she lives … and was genuinely excited to share it with us.

Once we got our cameras and crew on board … we took a little time to talk while we taxied …

After a quick preflight check (and a promise from me I’d behave) we cast our fate to the wind and took off for the mild blue yonder. FYI … takeoff is my favorite part !!

As we climbed higher and higher above Lake Michigan and Manistee … I knew … this was gonna be very cool.

More conversation with Gail as we take the scenic air tour of the area.

We landed … loved every minute of it … and instantly started making plans to bring our families back. The Orchard Beach Aviation scenic air tour really is a great way to see everything you don’t want to miss in Manistee.