Odom Reuse

UTR-Webmaster Episode 612

Grand Rapids Location –
1111 Godfrey SW #1-B, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 784-8733

Traverse City Location –
5555 Brentwood Ave. N., Grawn, MI 49637
(231) 276-6330

You know … we come to Grand Rapids a lot … for all the reasons we just showed you, and for a whole lot more …. and speaking of more.

If you’re looking to build future stuff … with pieces of the past … have I got a great place for you !!!

Odom Re-Use is a reusable building material provider that helps turn old pieces and parts into new, commercial and residential digs. They select, salvage and sell to people who are looking for something classic, cool, unusual – or just looking to help the environment by reusing.

Bruce Odom is the man who’s name is on this building … and when he’s not searching for sensational salvageables … he’s talking about’em.

I had so much fun meandering though the store with Bruce, because everything in there had an interesting history or a really cool back story ….

This place is chock full of cool, rare and unusual stuff. And, you’ve heard me say a hundred times on this show that they just don’t build things like that used to … well, if you come to ODOM … you can. And it helps save time, money and the environment. Bonus!

Odom Reuse has 2 locations. Grand Rapids and Traverse City.

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