North Pole Express

UTR-Webmaster Episode 504

(989) 725-9464
405 South Washington Street, Owosso, MI 48867

The Pere Marquette is one of only a handful of steam-powered locomotives that are still in operation, and it’s right here in Owosso. It’s the 1225 North Pole Express, and every year around the holidays, it hauls thousands of cheerful kids and their families on an magical journey to the North Pole.

It takes an army of proud and dedicated volunteers to keep this behemoth on the rails and running, and Engineer Rich Greter is one for the proudest, by keeping this part of railroad history alive.

Now, if you’ve seen the classic Christmas movie Polar Express, you’ve seen the animated version of this very train. The Pere Marquette was the actual inspiration for the train in the movie. In the film it takes little Billy all the way to the North Pole to helps him believe in Santa Claus again. And, just like in the movie, kids and even entire families make the trip sporting their favorite pajamas.

This really is a nostalgic and wonderful way to celebrate the holidays with your family. If you believe in the magic of Christmas … I believe this is one of the best ways you can share it with your kids.

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