Nature’s Kennel

UTR-Webmaster Episode 808

(906) 748-0513
14785 Co Rd 415, McMillan, MI 49853

In search of our first winter wonderland adventure, we headed up and over the mighty Mackinac Bridge to Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula. This is where we discovered that man’s best friend is one of the best ways to explore this wonderful wilderness.

Have you ever wanted to mush your way across the frozen tundra and discover new faraway lands? Well, if you haven’t … go make a sandwich or something ….

Because the rest of us are going to have an incredible experience. Here at Natures Kennel near the town of McMillan, Ed & Tasha Stielstra and about 150 of their best furry friends will give you the ride of a lifetime. All you have to do is show up … and they’ll show you the ropes, the way, and why this is one of the coolest things you’ll ever do in the winter.

Well, with all that being said … it was time to stop runnin my mouth …. and start mushing these marvelously motivated mammals. So Matti Graves showed me my ropes … reins … and the rest of my gear … and off we went on the ride of a lifetime.

What a wonderful and wintery dog day afternoon we had. And in some of the most picturesque wintery places we’ve ever perused. The trails are absolutely beautiful and the quiet of the forest fills your soul.

We made a ton of new regular and furry friends … I managed to become a moderate musher … and a great time was had by all. If adventure is your middle name like mine … leave middle earth … get up to the UP … and spend some time on a dogsled at Natures Kennel. I guarantee … these guys … will love you for it.