Mulefoot Gastro Pub

UTR-Webmaster Episode 413

(810) 721-1019
244 E. Third Street Imlay City MI 48444

Now if you say Mulefoot Gastropub to a regular person, they’ll ask you if it’s contagious. But, if you say it to a foodie … they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

And that’s because The Mulefoot Gastropub is a sophisticated, funky, cool and casual new eatery in Imlay City. And believe me this place is attracting attention from genuine food lovers across the country. Identical twin brothers Mike and Matt Romine are living their dream, and dreaming up incredible locally grown edibles that are filling stomachs and blowing minds. Youth is not being wasted on these guys.

Mike and Matt are what I like to call extreme foodies. They make their own pickles, mustard, mayo and ketchup all from scratch. Even their homemade steak sauce is barrel aged for two months. From their fresh caught smoked trout pate that actually comes to the table in a jar of smoke, to their toasted hay flavored ice cream with smoked root beer, these guys will take you off the known taste spectrum and transport you to the fourth dimension of flavors … what I like to call the UTR happy place. So, I totally take back what I said before … the Mulefoot Gastro Pub ‘is’ contagious.