Muldoon’s Pasty’s

UTR-Webmaster Episode 506, Episode 707

(906) 387-5880
1246 M-28 West, Munising, MI 49862

If you’re a Yooper, a pastie is a taste tempting, savory meal you can hold in the palm of your hand … and if you’re not a Yooper … well, they’re pretty much the same thing. It’s just that you don’t get to eat’em as often.

So, to get our flat lander hands on one we headed west on 28 to marvelous Munising and found Muldoon’s. If you’re looking for a classic, traditional pastie, Donna Grahovac, Peggy Cromell and their league of extraordinary pasties preparers will totally take care of you.

Making pasties with Donna and Peggy was an absolute blast … and I did so well, they even promoted me to prep boy …. At least I think it was a promotion …

They even made … I mean let me eat one of the ones I made … And I’m telling ya .. .these bad boys are flavorful, filling and fun to eat.

So, if you want to experience the original UP fast food, there’s nothing faster than a portable potpie you can pull outa your pocket. And trust me … at Muldoon’s, just one of these tasty mounds of crust covered meaty goodness … and you’re set for a while.

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