Motz’s Hamburgers

UTR-Webmaster Episode 308

(313) 843-9186
7208 W. Fort St., Detroit, MI 48209

If you’ve got a hunger for some slider history, this is the place for you. Motz’s is one of the oldest continuously operated family-owned burger joints in the entire U.S. It’s where sliders started for a lot of us in Detroit. Motz’s Burgers are so revered, they even inspired a whole new generation of slider chefs. Just ask Jeremy Sladovnik; he owns Joe’s Hamburgers in Wyandotte, and it was Motz’s that inspired him to open his own slider diner.

The man at Motz’s that inspired Jeremy is none other than owner Bob Milosavljevski, and if you can pronounce his last name correctly, you’re a better man than I. Bob explained that it’s the magic of these little burgers that has helped this landmark eatery survive the good and bad times in Detroit since 1929. A lot of slider aficionados literally consider Motz’s to be the epicenter of the known slider universe. Bob claims this phenomenon is caused by three things: fresh ground beef, caramelized Spanish onions and a well-seasoned grill.

Next time you’re in Detroit, do what Jeremy from Joe’s Hamburgers in Wyandotte does, stop by Motz’s for a quick slider refresher course. Actually, Jeremy stopped by while we were there, and I think we all had about four courses!

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