M&M Café

UTR-Webmaster Episode 201

(313) 581-5775
13714 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48126

Elaine and Maurice Lteif own a cool and eclectic eatery called M&M Café, and their awesome blend of Mediterranean and American food is just part of the reason this place is so popular. The other reason is just about everyone who comes in the door gets a hug from Elaine. For thirty years they’ve been putting a lot of love into the food, and word of mouth alone has made this place a true Dearborn gem. Back in the kitchen, Chef Maurice has mastered the art of putting the word “home” in home cooking, and Elaine has managed to make this entire community their extended family.

Whether Maurice is cooking American or Lebanese, he’s completely comfortable on both continents. From the burgers, salads and incredible sandwiches, to grilled kafta, hummus and laban, everything is fresh and creatively prepared and presented. All the Middle Eastern dishes are carefully explained on the menu. If you want to feel the love for M&M Café, just read the reviews. Then go there, try the food and write one for yourself.

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