Mindo Chocolate

UTR-Webmaster Episode 802

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Visitors by appointment only

Well, with awesome thoughts of Dexter dancing in my head … I headed off to explore more. And you know me … it wasn’t long before my sweet tooth detected something deliciously decadent.

Well, if you like it like I like it, you’ll like meeting Mindo Chocolates. It’s a business that went from Dexter, to South America and back again…now they’re doing a delicious intercontinental dance to keep us all doused in this decadent delight.

Barbara Wilson is the continent hopping cocoa connoisseur who turned chocolate into a wonderful way of life.

If you consider chocolate to be more of a passionate pursuit than a pleasure, make your way to Mindo Chocolate Makers in Dexter. They’ll make you a top notch chocolatier in no time at all. That is, if you can stop eating the stuff long enough to learn something. mmmmm Chocolate !!!