Milford House Bar & Grill

UTR-Webmaster Episode 317

(248) 684-2226
113 E. Commerce, Milford, MI 48381

Every community needs a gathering place, and if that gathering place happens to be a restaurant that serves homemade food—bonus! Three generations of the Sinacola family have worked hard to turn The Milford House into the “go-to” place for comfort food, comfortable surroundings and a place where the locals connect.

Perry Sinacola has worked hard to turn this place into “the place to be,” and his philosophy is pretty simple: keep the food real, the surrounding comfortable and treat your guest like your neighbors. And that’s exactly who they are. If you want to meet your friends for a bite to eat, it’s the Milford House. If you want to meet the gang to watch the big game, it’s the Milford House. Whether you’re meeting someone to talk, eat, drink or just think, the key word is meet, because that’s what the community does at the Milford House.

And speaking of meat, if you get a chance, order some of the real Italian meatballs, because Perry’s mom Maria is back in the kitchen making her family recipe from scratch. Both Maria and the meatballs were Italian-awesome! And she liked me so much, she even let me help… sort of. Don’t worry; they didn’t serve the ones I made.

So if you’re looking for a casual, comfortable place to eat AND connect with your fellow man, man, you have to go to the Milford House.

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