Michigan Theater

UTR-Webmaster Episode 201

(734) 668-8463
603 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

There are a lot of things that give a city a sense of culture and community, and for Ann Arbor, the Michigan Theater is one of those unique places. It’s where the performing arts, music and movies meet the masses. It’s kinda like a culture sandwich. The Michigan Theater has been the creative heart and soul of Ann Arbor for almost a century now, and it’s one of those places that, if you’ve got it, you take good care of it.

When we were there, I spent some quality time with Russ Collins. Russ has been the theater’s executive director for over thirty years, and his continuous efforts have kept this historic American theater alive. The theater was built in 1928, the same year as Detroit’s Fox Theater, and is one of a dying number of classic movie palaces built at that time. Thanks to a community that rallied to save it, the Michigan Theater is now a complete multimedia entertainment venue where you can enjoy everything from local and touring stage plays and symphony performances to movies and modern music concerts.

Just going to this great theater is an experience in and of itself. From the incredible, classic architecture to the original pipe organ that is still in use, it’s a rich and cultural experience you’re just not going to get down at the mega mall movie-plex. My hope is that in one hundred years, people will still be going to the Michigan Theater. It’s where the arts belong, and luckily, it belongs to all of us right here in Michigan!

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