Mia & Grace

UTR-Webmaster Episode 204, Episode 309

(231) 725-9500
1133 3rd St., Muskegon, MI 49441

Mia & Grace is a restaurant that’s really turning culinary heads in western Michigan. It’s owned and operated by Jeremy and Jamie Paquin (along with help from their little daughter Mia) and when it comes to food, I promise you won’t find anyone more passionate than these two.

It’s a relatively new restaurant where they do things the old fashioned way. Everything that comes out of their amazing kitchen is made from scratch. I mean everything. They literally hand make everything you eat, from the catsup, mustard and soda pop to the bread, pastas, sausages, pickles and cheese. They even grow a ton of their own spices. Good thing they live right above the restaurant, because these two food gurus put in an incredible amount of hours. But to them it’s a genuine labor of love.

Jeremy and Jamie are also on a first-name basis with over a dozen local farmers. Everything is local, fresh and full of flavor, and they really like to surprise you with the menu. They creatively combine familiar foods with unexpected and even exotic ingredients for a dining experience you’ll be telling your friends about. From the BBQ duck crepes and their signature homemade hotdog (incredible), to their blue cheese stuffed dates and the bacon melt with fried oysters, everything will surprise and delight you. All in a place that’s comfortable, casual and totally unpretentious.
If you’re looking for someone who absolutely personifies today’s food movement, Jeremy and Jamie are just that. If you’re a genuine foodie, you know what to do next. 🙂