UTR-Webmaster Episode 613

(248) 648-1505
31 N Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI 48342

Here at Menagerie they say they’re a diverse collection … and in their case its food. Well, if you’ve seen this show before … you know that’s our favorite thing to collect … gee what a coincidence … I’m hungry !!!!

Menagerie is one of the best food finds you’ll ever … well, find. And you’ll find it right here in Pontiac. It’s a lot of different things that all add up to a place enlightened foodies are flocking to. From great Sunday brunches and celebrity chef gourmet popup dinners, to an incubator kitchen and even cooking classes … Menagerie really is a collection of all things food.

James and April Forbes concurred a cupcake contest a few years back … and turned that sweet success into something that’s so much more ….

We all know how wonderful the front of the house is during a great dining experience … so I jumped into the back of the house to find out how the our chefs Kyle Williams and James Henderson were doing …

These popup dining experiences really are a unique way to meet fellow foodies, and at the same time taste some of the newest creations being made by Michigan’s most adventurous chefs. I had a great time making new friends … sharing awesome stories … and renewing my love for this great city. If you’re looking to elevate your edible endeavors … make your way to Menagerie in Pontiac … They’ll make you to a 4th degree foodie in no time at all.

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