Meijer Innovation Center and Test Kitchen

UTR-Webmaster Episode 212

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70 Ionia Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

They say producing and preparing good food is an art form. Well, at the Meijer Innovation Center and Test Kitchen, it’s also a science. Chef Ray Sierengowski is an actual food scientist who spends his days there making sure our food is healthier, safer and tastier too.

Meijer’s Innovation Center is located in the Grid 70 building with other iconic Michigan companies like Amway, Steel Case and Wolverine World Wide. GRID stands for “Grand Rapids Innovation Design” and it’s a creative hub where companies share ideas, resources and their desire to strengthen Michigan’s economy.

Chef Ray shared a lot of what he does to help make Michigan’s mega food chain Meijer respond to its customers’ needs and wants. He is the heart and soul of Meijer’s food product development, and his job is an absolute blast. He helps keep foods safe and savory with the use of just about every kitchen gizmo and gadget imaginable. Together we tested foods’ viscosity, texture, temperature and, of course, taste. Chef Ray also helps Meijer stay greener and source locally.

Chef Ray is an amazingly knowledgeable and energetic food scientist who, quite frankly, could take his talents anywhere in the world, but lucky for us, he picked Grand Rapids. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Meijer Innovation Center and Test Kitchen, you’ll be amazed just how much research, preparation and care goes into everything they make available.

When it comes to having a real sense of place, where you live and work means everything. Next, we met a guy who used both his art and his heart to actually help create a neighborhood.

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