Mark’s Carts at Downtown Home and Garden

UTR-Webmaster Episode 703

(734) 662-8122
211 W Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

What do you do when you want to grab a bite to eat and everyone wants something different … Well here’s a different place you can go.

VO: Mark Hodesh had an idea. He already ran a successful business called Downtown Home and Garden where you can get all the goods you need for a great garden. But he wanted to create a communal place downtown where Ann Arborites could come and connect … so in an empty lot lingering behind his store he created Mark’s Carts … a casual collection of cuisine carrying caravans that offer people a place to congregate and celebrate Ann Arbor’s awesome edibles.

Lets’ face it …. there’s a lot of places you can eat. So why not eat in a place, that’s got a lot of places.

… and when you’re done thinking about what I just said, make your way to Mark’s Carts in Ann Arbor … because everyone in your group will be glad you gathered here !!!