Marine City Fish Company

UTR-Webmaster Episode 301

(810) 765-5477
240 S. Water St., Marine City, MI 48039

All that running around Marine City gave us a powerful hunger, and Sherpa Scott knew right where to take us. Marine City Fish Company is a smokehouse and eatery that attracts people from far and wide because of their friendly atmosphere and great food. Three guesses what they serve there. I’ll wait. If you guessed fish, you’re right. They specialize in seafood and actually a whole lot more.

Melissa Fisher and her husband Jeremy have made this place a destination for people who love fresh local fish. They also specialize in homemade pastas, house-smoked ribs, beef tenderloin jerky, smoked salmon, gourmet sandwiches, steak burgers and hand-crafted desserts. Getting hungry yet?

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