Maria’s House Made Salsa

UTR-Webmaster Episode 111

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The next place we went to was Maria’s Comida, a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of Hamtramck. It was owned and operated by the Pronko Family, the nicest people you will meet this side of the sun. They offered an unlikely culinary combination that was absolutely out-a-sight. The crew and I went back many, many times.

Shortly after we featured them on UTR, they started making their own line of fresh, homemade salsas that became so popular, the Pronkos eventually stopped restauranting and started bottling. It’s called Maria’s House Made Salsa, and when you taste it, you’ll be in salsa heaven. Their salsas are now available at a number of retail chains, so keep an eye out for them. The restaurant is no more, but their salsa lives on so you can dip another day! And trust me, when you dip that chip, you’ll taste the love they put into every jar.

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