Margie J. Sport Fishing Charter

UTR-Webmaster Episode 204, Episode 406

(231) 799-2229
Great Lakes Marina, 1920 Lake Shore Dr., Slip B-2, Muskegon, MI 49441

When we showed up at the dock in the dark, all I kept thinking was, “Is this something you have to be a real fisherman to enjoy? I don’t know the first, second or even the third thing about fishing.” Well, as soon as I met Captain Drew Morris and his son Chris, I knew we were in good hands. They run the Margie J. Sport Fishing Charter in Muskegon, and they know everything you need to know, so you don’t need to know anything. Which was good, because that early in the morning, I barely know how to tie my own shoes!

Right after Captain Drew confiscated our bananas (I guess they’re bad luck on fishing boats), we set out for his favorite hot spot. Here’s where I have to say that you really don’t need to know anything at all about fishing to have a great time on a charter like this. Drew and his son Chris were a boatload of fun. They had everything we needed for fishing, and they taught us everything we needed to know (not to mention they did ninety percent of the work for us). I did, however, burn my biceps a bit by proudly reeling in a fourteen-pound king salmon. During the thrilling man vs. fish fight, we affectionately named the fish Steve. Don’t ask.