Marche du Nain Rouge

UTR-Webmaster Episode 704


Well, if you’re wondering what I’m up to now … I’m sitting here in front of the Masonic Temple Theater … and it may not look like it right now, but in a few hours thousands of people will be gathered here to chase a little red evil dwarf outa the City of Detroit. Sound strange … I know … but you’re gonna love this.

The March du Nain Rouge is a wonderful, wild and crazy parade that happens every spring in downtown Detroit. It’s like Marti Gras, but on a mission … and the mission is to chase a 300-year-old little troublemaker outa the city. All shapes and sizes of Detroit defenders don their self-prepared parade apparel to participate in this fun event.

Before the parade pushed off Nain Rouge guru Francis Grunow filled me in of the foundation for these frightening festivities …

Next I ran into Josef Bastien … he loves the legend of The Nain Rouge so much … he wrote a book and is even produced a movie about the little guy.

Well, now that we all know what the heck is going on … let’s get in the spirit … get in the parade … and start running this little red rascal outa town.

We danced … we laughed … we cheered … and we rock ‘n rolled our way all the way down to the Masonic Temple – where a huge crown confronted the evil Nain Rouge with … well, let’s just say a less than enthusiastic reception.

As the Nasty Nain addressed the crowd he was booed, heckled, jeered, and told to just plain leave Detroit … all in good fun of course. And just as he finished his sassy and sardonic speech … somebody musta made a call, cuz the famous Ghost Busters came to the rescue with their patented “Nain Be Gone” gooey green slim guns. It was quite a sight to see … and a ton of fun for all.

This is when I saw my chance and grabbed a quick word with this newly banished bad guy … I mean … he can’t be that nasty, right?

Well, he WAS that nasty …. but, when all was said and done … and the Nain Rouge was finally on the run … I have to admit …. this really is a great way to meet some fellow Detroiters and make some fun Motown memories. I mean, let’s face it … nothing creates a sense of community better than banishing a bad guy … even if he doesn’t really exist … shhhh … but, don’t tell ‘him’ I said that. Hu Boy!

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