Manley’s Famous Smoked Fish

UTR-Webmaster Episode 304

(906) 643-8930
810 N. State St., Saint Ignace, MI 49781

What do you get when you cross a Green Bay Packers museum with smoked fish? No, it’s not a trick question, it’s called Manley’s Famous Smoked Fish, and it’s where everyone goes in these parts for the best smoked fish around. Even Detroit Lions fans!

Manley’s is an authentic little smokehouse by the side of the road that’s literally adorned with all things Green Bay Packers. It’s so packed full of Packers paraphernalia that you’re not sure if you should buy some smoked fish or look for your seats for the game.

Owner Don Wright bought Manley’s from Manley himself and is continuing a tradition that started over sixty-five years ago. At Manley’s the fishermen bring the fish in fresh almost daily. The fish are dressed (like what I don’t know), washed, soaked in brine and then smoked to perfection. They smoke white fish, lake trout, salmon, menominee, herring—you name it. As they like to say at Manley’s, if you’ll eat it, they’ll smoke it.

So whether you’re a Packers fan or a Lions fan, if you like smoked fish, you’re a Manley’s man. Or lady!