Fitzgerald, The / Eagle River Inn

UTR-Webmaster Episode 601

(888) 487-1700
5033 Front St, Eagle River, MI 49950

The next morning, we loaded up, fueled up, and headed up the Keweenaw Peninsula to find a place we discovered completely by accident a couple years ago … and were determined to find again.

Behold The Fitz … one of the comfiest, funkiest, faraway places you’ll ever wish you’d found before. Sure it’s out of the way … and way up the Keweenaw peninsula … but it’s also way cool. In 2008, Mike LaMot and his buddy Marc Ray bought the Fitz a.k.a. Fitzgerald’s Restaurant and Eagle River Inn … went on a mission … and turned it into a foodie, drinkie and sleepy oasis that people from across the country are finding.

We may not have found it by accident this time … But The Fitz still turned out to be an incredible place to unwind, wet our whistles, fill our tummies and even get 40 solid winks. Yea … It may not be close … but, once you’re here … it’s not far at all.